About Us

Orange Pathways was started in 1990 by local residents in cooperation with Orange County Citizens Foundation.

It was a grass roots organization of volunteers wanting to make a difference.

The mission of the group initially was to raise money in order to purchase the Erie Rail bed. This would server as the foundation in order to create what is now known as the Heritage Trail. Orange Pathways was responsible for every aspect of the project.

To spite this very daunting task, in 1994 just four years after it's creation Orange Pathways opened the first mile of the Heritage Trail.

The next year another 1.4 miles was completed. Just two years later another 4.2 miles were completed. By 1999 over 10 miles of the Heritage Trail was available for everyone to enjoy Running, Biking, Skating, or just Walking.

Orange Pathways has also supported many other not for profit organizations interested in doing similar projects in other communities.

We have provided advice on how to get started, attending group meetings to discuss grant application processes and served as an overall advisory board. This has lead to the success of several other trails in many other communities.

For nearly 20 years this not for profit organization has worked hard to raise awareness of the Heritage Trail. It's all volunteer members work with other local charities to raise money. These funds go to provide the necessary matching funds to complete expansion programs of the Heritage Trail.

Major expansion projects currently planned will extend the Heritage Trail southward to Harriman and westward into Middletown.

This will truly be a great part of our community and be available for everyone to enjoy for years to come!

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